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Better Than Credit Repair: The Handbook of Credit Mastery

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The doors to the electronics store glide open and you walk in with your head held high confident and sure.

Browsing the electronics, your eyes settle on the television of your dreams.

Blue Ray, touch screen, 3D, you name it, it has all of the latest technology.

The applications are by the cash register, and you sign your name.

The cashier says you’re approved right away, but it isn’t any news to you.

You already know that anything you write your golden signature on is yours.

You have the confidence and assurance of knowing that your signature is good on anything you sign your name to because your credit is excellent.

If you’re anything like I was when my identity was stolen, your greatest desire is to learn all you can about your credit so that you can no longer worry about being approved for what you want.

If any of these situations sound familiar:

  • You’re tired of signing credit applications and hoping to catch a break…
  • You’re tired of worrying that your lower credit score will get ran instead of the higher score…
  • You’re fed up with hoping that you can get approved after you’ve co-signed for someone else…
  • You’re disappointed that refinancing your car will drop your credit scores to bad credit…

This blog is for you!

Your personal credit requires you to have knowledge of three specific areas to achieve excellent credit:

Credit Awareness – Understand the purpose of credit and what you are building it for. Read more…

Credit Health – Habits and schedules that encourage excellent credit behaviors. Read more…

Credit Goals – A direction and purpose to create more than just short term approvals. Read more…

This blog is designed to answer your questions, provide you with tips and help you create the habits that will keep you on track.

Do you have your own desk copy of my best-selling book, Better Than Credit Repair: The Handbook of Credit Mastery?


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